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Gifted Service

An image of Sheli Amato

Sheli Amato

Director of Curriculum & Gifted Services
An image of Becca Fredmonsky

Becca Fredmonsky

Coordinator of Gifted Services

Gifted Service

The Orange City School District provides a continuum of services to nurture exceptional abilities. Gifted Intervention Specialists work in all buildings and provide support for students in multiple settings.

All Kindergarten students participate in Talent Development through Problem Solving activities facilitated by Gifted Intervention Specialists in each Kindergarten classroom. 


Identified students in grades 1- 5 are placed in clusters (purposefully grouped together for instruction within a grade level classroom) in reading and math classes.  Content area teachers and Gifted Intervention Specialists collaborate to plan differentiated instruction and support student growth with Written Education Plan goals. Gifted Intervention Specialists co-teach in these classrooms once a week and Content Area Teachers engage in professional development in gifted education.  Resource room service occurs one day a week for grades 1-5 and is available to students identified in a "thinking" area (superior cognition and/or creative thinking) and an academic area (reading and/or math).  

Identified students at Brady Middle School receive gifted service through language arts classes that are co-taught by a Content Area Teacher and a Gifted Intervention Specialist and accelerated/cluster grouped math classes.  Brady science electives are also available for identified students.

Orange High School service includes Honors, Advanced Placement, and College Credit Plus coursework.

More information about gifted services at Orange is available at the link under "Resources" entitled District Plan for Identification and Service of Gifted Students. 

For further information, please contact one of our faculty members.

Maggie Gobetz - Gifted Intervention Specialist Grades Kdg and 3
Email or telephone ext. 4113

Jean Metzger - Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grades 1 and 4
Email or telephone ext. 4128

Kate Allard- Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grades Kdg and 2
Email or telephone ext. 4127

Katie Grau- Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grades 4 and 5
Email or telephone ext. 4128

Dave Tirpak- Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grade 6 
Email or telephone ext. 3233

Sarah Moore- Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grade 7
Email or telephone ext. 3218

Katie Theiss - Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grades 8
Email or telephone ext. 3137

Kathy Frazier- Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grades 9-12
Email or telephone ext. 2127

Joanna McNally - Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grades 9-12
Email or telephone ext. 2134 

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OHS Gifted Services